Jay-Crew Team Members Attend SIMA Conference

Although the sun is shining and temperatures are nearing 95 degrees, Jay-Crew team members are already thinking about snow. Operations Manager Scott Edwards and Property Superintendents Brian Flowers and Jason Fox recently attended the Snow & Ice Management Association’s annual Snow Conference, which took place June 26th-28th at the Devos Place in downtown Grand Rapids, Michigan. Snow & Ice Management Association or SIMA is an organization dedicated to educating snow contractors on policies, procedures and best practices while advocating for regulations and legislation that supports the industry.

During the Jay-Crew’s time at the conference, they attended numerous classes including Deicing Material Procurement, Implementing Safety Processes & Procedures, and Using Technology for Efficiency. They interacted with snow contractors from across the nation, sharing and learning about others’ experiences.

The team networked with one of the largest salt suppliers in the world. It was brought to their attention that again this year, the Midwest will experience salt shortages due to the high amounts of rain. Fortunately for Jay-Crew clients, the salt bins are full but even more importantly, Jay-Crew is moving away from a dependency on salt with the implementation of deicing liquid. This process works better at lower temperatures, is less corrosive, and doesn’t track like salt.

“Jay-Crew doesn’t just think about snow in the winter months. We are thinking, training, and investing in our snow program year around,” stated Scott Edwards. “We believe with the increased use of the liquid deicer and investing in additional equipment, we will be able to better serve our clients during the cold winter months.”

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