About Me

Hi there! I’m Josh, a landscape architect and a member of the sales team here at Jay-Crew. I’m happy for the opportunity to work within the community where I obtained a Bachelor’s in Landscape Architecture. With a few years of experience on the North side of Chicago and Indianapolis, it is my great pleasure to bring that experience and skill set back to Muncie.

I chose this career path because of the unique challenges and opportunities to be involved with people and their interaction with the outdoors. Whether it’s a home or a public park, the challenge remains the same: create and define the outdoor space for the use of people.

Uniting my creativity and understanding of the landscape; I strive to make each outdoor space warm, welcoming, and joyful.

No matter the project, I’m at home tinkering with little projects, immersing myself in home renovations, and searching for new projects to add to my list. All the while, chasing two energetic little boys around the house and stopping only for kisses from my wonderful wife, Toni. Organized chaos is my balance and what drives me to be my best.