About Me

My name is Janet Valdez, and I went to school for accounting. I attended Everest College in Skokie, Illinois. I am the Recruiting, Retention and HR Manager for Jay-Crew and the experience has been great. I am responsible for recruiting new employees for all positions within the company. I also work my best to ensure and improve employee retention through company engagements and employee interactions. I love being able to engage with employees on every level.

Every day is different at Jay-Crew, and I love that. We have several branches and I try my best to visit and rotate as much as possible. I make sure to interact with everyone and provide assistance and answers to whomever may need them. I enjoy being able to communicate with all the staff from our groundskeepers to our sales/account and business development managers. I have slowly created some great work relationships!

I have three teenage kids with whom I enjoy spending time with. I also have a dog named Tom. We like to take walks in the evenings after dinner. However, one of my all-time favorite things to do is travel! I’ve visited several countries, cities and states. This year I can scratch Puerto Rico off my bucket list. If there is any chance to do a little getaway, I take it!